Simple scones with pecan nuts and cocoa

Scones remind us intensely of a wonderful time in Ireland. There, scones are an integral part of tea time. Therefore, they have long been on our list of “must-try” recipes. Today is finally the time and we can finally make a hook on this open point :-). This recipe for scones is quite simple and through small details something really special. Because we complement the classic dough for scones with pecans, cranberries and the cocoa powder “Red Spirit” from Becks cocoaTM, a delicious mulled cocoa . This makes the scones already reminiscent of Christmas and a great highlight for a delicious Advent breakfast. Or even for a cozy afternoon cocoa or tea or coffee.

Scones are firmly linked to Ireland in our memories. Svenja lived there for almost three years and of course the rest of the family has taken every opportunity since returning to Berlin to “look after things” in Ireland as often as possible. The time on the Emerald Isle was too wonderful.

Today, as in the past, a visit to one of the historic hotels in Dublin’s city center is as much a part of such short vacations as it was then. There we enjoy the Irish Tea Time. It takes place exactly as you would imagine: Tea is served in delicate cups – together with small savory and sweet snacks on etagères. Creatively prepared savory sandwiches are lined up next to each other on the bottom, scones with butter and jam on top, and other sweet snacks on top, which form the dessert, so to speak.

Since then, our plan has been to bake scones ourselves. We have now finally put this into practice. Some research was necessary for this. Because scones have a very special texture, which we would best describe as “flaky”. We really wanted to achieve this effect in order to get as close as possible to the original from Ireland and England. And we were successful: with a simple trick, this texture can also be created at home. We’ll explain how below. In addition, we wanted to give our scones their own touch. Which ingredients we decided on for this, we also show below.

These are the ingredients you need for your scones

Most of the ingredients for your scones you will probably have at home. Because you need, among other things:

Butter or margarine: scones are classically wonderfully buttery and flaky. For our recipe, we use butter. This, when cold, will harden a bit more than margarine. However, if you want to reduce the amount of animal products in your recipes, margarine will also work. We’ve tried both options.

Spelt flour: we usually bake with spelt flour. However, you can use wheat flour just as well.

Sugar: Our scones are sweet, so we add a little sugar. Here you can choose what kind of sugar you use. You can bake with classic beet sugar, or raw cane sugar, or even whole cane sugar. If you bake the savory version, you do without sugar.

Cream: It ensures that the scones are nice and moist.

How to make your scones perfect

Typically, scones taste a bit more compact than conventional rolls or even cakes. At the same time they are wonderfully buttery and somehow flaky. That is, you get the impression that the dough consists of several fine layers. To achieve this delicious effect, there is one important trick you should follow when baking your scones: be sure to use ice-cold butter or margarine. To make this work, don’t take your margarine or butter – both of which work very well – out of the fridge until it’s needed for the recipe. Then either cut it into very small flakes or grate it in one piece with a vegetable grater.

If, contrary to expectations, the butter becomes too soft, put the flakes or pieces back into the freezer for a short time. This will harden them a bit more. Then you can use them for the dough of your scones and work them in quickly. From now on, you can look forward to scones with just the right texture.

By the way: Your scones taste best when you enjoy them very fresh and still warm. Then the “flakiness” comes out most clearly. Add some clotted cream and jam and tea time is perfect.

How to customize your scones

Classic British scones are round and come with or without raisins. But as with everything, there are an incredible number of variations on scones.

The shape: Instead of forming your scones round, you can also cut them into triangles, as we do here in the recipe.

Sweet or savory: Classically, scones are sweetened. However, there are also savory versions with cheese or bacon, for example. We like both of them very much.

Spices: You can spice the dough of your scones to your liking. If you bake the sweet version, you can use cinnamon, vanilla, gingerbread spice or, like us, the new cocoa “Red Spirit” from Becks cocoaTM. It already comes with cozy Christmas spices. For the hearty version, Italian spices such as thyme, basil or oregano are ideal, but also oriental ones such as cumin or turmeric.

Other ingredients: In addition to spices, you can also refine your scones with fruit such as apple pieces, cranberries or dried fruit such as raisins. Bacon, cheese or vegetables are also suitable for the savory version. Nuts also go very well with scones. For our scones, we therefore chose a mixture of cocoa, cranberries and nuts. It’s an absolute hit!

The topping: Traditionally, scones are served with butter, clotted cream and jam. These go very well with our chocolate version, too. By the way, we also add some frosting over our scones. It tastes delicious and the white gives a great contrast to the brown chocolate dough.

That’s why “Red Spirit” from Becks cocoaTM inspires us.

We have refined our scones with the “Red Spirit” from Becks cocoaTM. Becks cocoa is known for its high-quality and unique cocoa varieties. With great attention to detail, the basis for real moments of pleasure is created here. In keeping with the pre-Christmas season, there is now the brand new “Red Spirit”. This cocoa is based on the classic Becks cocoa cocoa and has been refined with cane sugar, red wine powder and various spices. These include: Orange flavoring, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, cardamom, sea salt.

Can you literally smell and taste it too? We definitely can. And since you can’t just drink cocoa, we used it for baking without further ado. But if you’re more in the mood for the classic version – a delicious hot chocolate – then that’s also very worthwhile. To make it, simply mix the cocoa with a little milk or a plant-based drink. We usually use oat milk. It’s very good for that. We heat it up, foam it up a bit and mix it with 2 teaspoons of Red Spirit. With the first sip, the peace returns and the feeling of Advent, snow, Christmas market and candles. So delicious, so beautiful!

Recipe for scones:

Ingredients for 8-10 scones

120 g ice cold butter
2,5 tsp baking powder
1 pinch of salt
250 g spelt flour type 630
80 g (whole cane) sugar
2 tablespoons Becks cocoaTM “Red Spirit
120 ml cream
1 egg
100 g dried cranberries
30 g chopped pecans

Other: powdered sugar and milk for the icing.

Cut butter into very small flakes, alternatively grate on a vegetable grater, then place in the freezer briefly.

Mix baking powder, salt, flour, sugar and the mulled cocoa in a bowl. Now add the butter. Mix ingredients briskly until a crumbly mass is formed, and without the butter melting too much. A knife can also be used for this purpose

Add the cream, egg, cranberries and pecans to the flour-butter mixture and mix with a wooden spoon, kneading briefly with your hands if necessary.

Dust a layer of baking paper with flour. Place the dough on the baking paper and shape into a patty about 25 cm in diameter. Now cut the patty into 8-10 pieces to make small triangles. Now put the baking paper with the scones in the refrigerator for min. 15 min.

Place the scones with the baking paper on a baking tray, brush with a little cream and bake at 200° convection oven for 20-25 min. Remove from the oven, let cool.

While the scones are in the oven, mix a frosting with some powdered sugar and milk and decorate the cooled scones with a few threads of frosting.

Recipe and Pictures: Klaraundida