Cocoa mousse

I usually (or rather: always) need something sweet after a meal. My husband rarely needs it, but he doesn’t say no to this mousse either! The cocoa I used for this is a little more bitter and therefore perfect for anyone who doesn’t like it too sweet. It is a selected single origin fine cocoa, cacao especial No. 4, which has a light yet tangy chocolate flavour and a wonderful caramel note.

Thanks to the collaboration with Becks Cocoa, I tried different high-quality cocoa varieties for the first time and was amazed at how different they are and how many different flavours I can taste.

But for now, I’m going to show you this delicious mousse that anyone can make in no time at all. In contrast to the preparation of a classic mousse, I have completely dispensed with chocolate in this mousse and only used cocoa, cacao especial No. 4. In my opinion, the flavour of the fine cocoa is more than enough. Greek yoghurt and cream are now added. I rounded the whole thing off with some orange zest, which harmonises well with the cocoa.

If your mouth is already watering, you absolutely must try this mousse. It’s really easy, I promise. I’ll post the recipe in the comments. You can see just how easy it is in the reel.

It goes best with a wonderful cup of cocoa. For me, it’s like comforting, even if you don’t need to be comforted.

Recipe for my cocoa mousse (4 portions)

In a bowl, mix 80 g Becks cacao especial No 4 with 340 g Greek yoghurt.

If you want to use a different yoghurt, drain it well in a sieve so that it is not too runny.

Grate the zest of an untreated orange into the cocoa mixture.

Whip 250 g of cream until stiff.

Fold in the cocoa and yoghurt mixture. Divide the mousse between 4 small bowls or glasses and chill. Super easy, isn’t it? You can make it much more often.

Best enjoyed with a cup of hot cocoa.

Picture and recipe: dukkah.and.greens