NEW RED SPIRIT – the drink of the gods mulled cocoa

The perfect trio: fine cocoa meets red wine meets spices

In the mulled wine drunk throughout Europe, red wine and spices are deliciously combined in a long winter Christmas tradition. Another grandiose pairing of aromas: Red wine and chocolate. We take up both threads of enjoyment and weave a completely new cocoa pleasure out of this magnificent trio: our noble mulled cocoa RED SPIRIT, your winter pleasure 2022!

KAKAO – food of the gods for the Maya and Aztecs!– 

RED WINE – the drink of the gods of the ancient Greeks and Romans! Dedicated to the deities Dionysus and Bacchus! Joy, fertility and ecstasy!

SPICES – finely balanced and exotic!

Delicately tart – delicately sweet – full of fine chocolate

  • best, fairly traded organic cocoas from Uganda and the Dominican Republic
  • rounded off with carefully powdered red wine
  • refined with natural orange flavouring, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, cardamom, sea salt

Around 1,100 aromas are at work in cocoa, around 900 in wine. Discover the floral notes, berry aromas, spicy, nutty, balsamic, earthy hints and scents from both ancient, history-rich worlds of enjoyment in our Becks cocoa RED SPIRIT.

So you can relax and unwind!

RED SPIRIT: Your winter pleasure 2022