Originally pure, natural, unique:

The new Becks cocoa Single Origin raw cocoa
cacao especial no 2 from Ecuador

From Ecuador comes the autumn novelty 2023 of Becks cocoa especial no 2! A very rare Virgin cocoa of the Nacional Arriba variety with a unique taste. Read right here what’s so special about it!

Our new single origin cocoa especial no 2 is original, pure and completely natural. Only the very select organic raw cocoa variety National Arriba (55 percent) is used, a rarity, refined with some organic cane sugar for sweetness. Single Origin means that the beans come exclusively from a specific place of origin (so the cocoa is absolutely pure and not a blend of cocoas from different growing locations). The Nacional Arriba – belongs to the so-called noble cocoas, grows only in Ecuador and partly in Colombia. This is why there are only very small batches of the organic beans: Only five percent of all cocoa traded worldwide is fine cocoa.

Its cultivation is a special feature: The cocoa beans for Becks cocoa organic fine flavoured cocoa especial no 2 grow naturally in mixed cultures in the rainforest in the mountains of Ecuador. Our small farmers, who work together in a small cooperative, plant the sensitive, rare cacao plants between neighboring fruit trees such as banana and papaya. There, the cacao beans ripen in their natural environment. Quietly and completely without chemicals. This natural cultivation method is good for biodiversity and keeps the cacao plants healthy. The cocoa farmers themselves are paid fairly, directly and with higher prices. They also receive support in the form of training on sustainable cocoa cultivation.

The especial no2 – Our new: 55 percent organic Nacional Arriba fine cocoa with 45 percent sugar content. Like the Ecuador raw cacao itself, the cane sugar used is also organic and comes from South America.