Becks cocoa is impressively inventive!

Britta and Svenja from Klara & Ida say: We put three questions to the two successful influencers. An interview.

Britta and Svenja are the two sisters behind Klara & Ida. Their passions: cooking and photography! They bring both together masterfully on their food blog and as influencers. So far, they have developed four delightfully(e) simple recipes for Becks cocoa™: Baked Cheese Polenta with Mushrooms and Beetroot, Blackberry Muffins (both with our Beetroot Cocoa BEET me up!), Spitzbuben with Orange Curd (with our Orange Cocoa Choc Orange) and Scones with Pecans and Cocoa (with our Mulled Cocoa Red Spirit).

With the lemongrass cocoa MEKONG created by Becks cocoa™ in 2023, they once again conjured up in their kitchen: the delicious gyosas, which are aromatic filled dumplings from Japan. What do Britta and Svenja love so much about Becks cocoa™? We asked them!

Becks cocoa: Hello Britta, hello Svenja, one question first: Why do you actually call yourselves Klara & Ida, your names are really quite different?
Britta and Svenja: We are often asked this question and are always happy to share our little story. On the one hand, “Klara” and “Ida” are the second and third names of our mother. Additionally, the name “Klara” in particular has been in our family for several generations. Unfortunately, neither of us carries either name. Therefore, without further ado, we decided to continue the “family heritage” in this way.

Becks cocoa: With the Becks cocoa™ fine cocoa Mekong, which came out in 2023, you developed the recipe for vegetarian filled Gyozas for us. Could you please describe the Becks cocoa™ Cocoa Mekong that you used for the recipe? How does it taste, what is special about it, how do you prefer to drink or use it?

Britta and Svenja: We find Becks cocoa™ impressively inventive when it comes to new varieties. The new Mekong combines chocolate and lemongrass. You have to come up with that idea first! When the tasting can arrived at our house, we were excited to see how the flavors would go together and got a real surprise. When you open the can, you first discreetly perceive the lemongrass. We have then tried the cocoa powder as the very first pure. Here you can taste the dark cocoa at first. Then follows a light, fresh note of lemongrass. At the back, a subtle spiciness develops, which is common for lemongrass and is intensified by the fine pinch of chili added to the Mekong. The variety is very harmoniously balanced and for us a real highlight that can be drunk both hot and cold. We also like to use the cocoa for baking or in the summer for ice cream. The lemongrass note is particularly good here.

Becks cocoa: What do you like about the cocoa makers Becks cocoa™ from Stephanskirchen, Bavaria?

Britta and Svenja: Becks cocoa™ is something very special for us. Not only because of the high-quality products. The company has been a partner of ours for a long time. Partnership is also really lived here in the cooperation. The team is also innovative and impresses with its lovingly put together cocoa varieties. Every year, we look forward to the growth in the assortment. Last year, we were the first to try the mulled cocoa and use it for a recipe. This year it’s the Mekong. By the way, you can already see the ingenuity in the packaging. The recyclable cans and colorful labels are always something special and we like to hold them in our hands.

The food bloggers Klara & Ida aka Britta and Svenja introduce themselves:

Klara & Ida are Britta and Svenja in real life and are sisters. A passion for delicious food and a little coincidence were the impetus for their joint blog, on which they show off with delicious recipes and beautiful food photos. Since 2017, they have been filling their blog project with life, are now successful Instagrammers and bridge several hundred kilometers for their work: While Svenja lives in Berlin, Britta’s home is in Ravensburg – very close to the beautiful Lake Constance. With a lot of passion, the two develop simple recipes that can be easily integrated into everyday life and are fun. Because simple doesn’t mean boring. The tried and tested recipes, photographed by Svenja in her studio in Berlin, can be found on Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, Facebook, Youtube and the blog.

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Britta und Svenja alias Klara und Ida (© Anna Nowakowska)

Britta und Svenja alias Klara und Ida (© Anna Nowakowska)