An interview with Annalena from heyfoodsister:

“Becks cocoa – that’s just top quality!”

Interview: 3 questions for the influencer from Hey Foodsister

Hey Food, Sister! The sisters Annalena and Johanna love Sundays and CUTTING! Nothing was more obvious a few years ago than to share this passion together. Not only with each other, but especially with others on social media. In the meantime, Annalena alone has taken the helm (or rather the whisk). The influencer leads a large community with her food blog and on Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, Facebook.

So far, Hey Foodsister has created six wonderful recipes for Becks cocoa: Hot Cross Buns (with our classic Criollo), delicious Easter buns that taste great in all seasons, ice cream cakes in the form of a Frozen Cheese Cake and small iced coconut gugln (with our Frappés: Frappé Nude and Frappé White Wedding). Another time they developed something new for the pumpkin kitchen: a pumpkin cake with chocolate sprinkles and rosehip cream (with the Cinnamon Cocoa Sinnerman) and a pumpkin pasta with oven pumpkin and chocolate almonds (with our Criollo). A whole playground to try and enjoy!

With two more of the 21 delicious Becks cocoa so far – most of which can be found in Becks cocoa’s redesigned 2023 Cocoa Advent Calendar! – Annalena whirled through her kitchen again. This time she created a delicious chocolate bread with our presumably aphrodisiac chilli cocoa Chill Bill and a sweet lasagna with the vanilla cocoa Nude.

Why does Annalena like to use Becks cocoa so much? You can read about it right here!

Becks cocoa: Hello Annalena, Sunday cakes are a tradition with you, you love to cook and especially to bake! You always like to use the fine cocoas from Becks cocoa. What do you love most about Becks cocoa?

Annalena: You can simply taste that the cocoas from Becks cocoa are of top quality. Whenever I come up with a new recipe, I put a lot of time and effort into it and want the best possible result. That’s why I prefer to use high-quality ingredients like Becks cocoa.

Becks cocoa: With the Becks cocoa fine cocoa Nude, you have developed for us as an idea for a Sunday cake a sweet glaze that is as simple as it is special. With the cocoa Chill Bill a delicious chocolate bread. Could you please describe the two Becks cocoa cocoas you used for the recipes? How do they taste, what is special about them, how do you prefer to drink or use them?

Annalena: Chill Bill brings a slight spiciness through the chilies, which goes surprisingly well with chocolate. I was amazed at the perfect combination! A fine addition to chocolate bread, which tastes both sweet and savory topping – and pure with butter of course anyway!
The Nude variety brings a delicate vanilla note. Therefore, it fits particularly well in my sweet lasagna and generally to cakes. Because there is often vanilla sugar used. The fine bourbon vanilla from Madagascar used in the cocoa is really extra-fine. That’s why we like this variety especially well as drinking chocolate with cake!

Becks cocoa: What do you appreciate about the cocoa makers Becks cocoa from Stephanskirchen, Bavaria?

Annalena: In addition to the high quality of the cocoas, I think Becks cocoa’s love of experimentation is great. The fact that there is not just the “standard” cocoa, but that each variety combines new, great flavors and the cocoa makers always come up with unique, surprising ideas.
What I also find great is that Becks cocoa relies on fair and long-term partnerships in the cocoa harvest. That simply gives me a good feeling and that’s why I’m happy to recommend the manufactory.

Food blogger Annalena from heyfoodsister introduces herself:

Annalena and Johanna are sisters. Even though they are very different in many ways, they have one thing in common from the very beginning: a penchant for a sweet life! This of course includes cakes, ice cream, cupcakes, chocolate, etc. From an early age, the siblings helped their mother bake cookies and diligently cooked flower soup in grandma’s garden. Their love of baking and cooking has remained. Today, they use edible flowers as decorations on cakes and pies. For a long time, they shared their passion together on social media with a growing community.
While Johanna has since gone her own way, Annalena continues to share her favorite recipes, tips and tricks on her blog Hey Foodsister. From simple family classics to elaborate cupcakes to a savory recipe or two, it’s all here!