Blogger Vera of nicest things: My delicious secret ingredient is Becks cocoa!

In the interview: 3 questions to the Influencer Vera, Most beautiful things

“Pure luxury for special moments of pleasure” – that’s how Vera from nicest things describes our cocoas. And because she associates blooming lavender fields with summery memories, she chose our fine cocoa As I went out walking with its airy, clear lavender notes and experimented with it for you in her kitchen. She created an enchanting recipe for wonderfully fluffy French eclairs that matches the subtle aroma of the cocoa. Why Vera finds Becks cocoa™ cocoas so classy and special, and what of all things deeply connects her to sky-blue lavender? We interviewed her for you.

Becks cocoa: Hello Vera, you love to create recipes, whether sweet or savory, and everything that makes life more beautiful: interior design ideas, home inspiration and travel! You also use the fine cocoas from Becks cocoa.What do you appreciate and love about Becks cocoa cocoas?

Vera: The Becks cocoa drinking chocolates are pure luxury for me. I love the creamy texture, the full-bodied taste, and the many raffinated varieties. I use them whenever I want to treat myself or my guests to a special moment of pleasure. I also like to use Becks cocoa as a delicious secret ingredient in cooking and baking.

Becks cocoa: With the Becks cocoa fine cocoa As I went out walking, you developed the recipe for fine French eclairs for us. Could you please describe the Becks cocoa lavender cocoa you used for the recipe? How does it taste, what is special about it, how do you prefer to drink it?

Vera: Intensely chocolaty cocoa flavors and fine lavender are a wonderful combination. The lavender note in Becks cocoa is dosed just right – perceptible as a delicate floral bouquet, but discreetly and harmoniously integrated. In my childhood I spent spent a lot of time in Provence in my childhood, and when I think of “As I went out walking I immediately think of lavender fields warmed by the sun. My favorite way to drink the lavender cocoa is with creamy frothed milk, cream topping and a few lavender flowers on top.

Becks cocoa: What do you appreciate about the cocoa makers Becks cocoa from Stephanskirchen, Bavaria?

Vera: The cocoa specialists at Becks cocoa believe that there can only be real can only be truly enjoyable if everyone involved is happy – from the cocoa farmers to the cocoa farmers to retailers, customers and the environment. It follows logically follows a focus on organic and Fairtrade raw materials. The cocoa farmers of Becks cocoa can live off the fruits of their success. Sustainable and resource-conserving treatment of people and nature is the top priority. This makes the cocoa from Becks cocoa even more valuable to me.

Lifestyle and food blogger Vera introduces herself:

Vera, 38, born in Rhineland-Palatinate, lives in Neustadt an der Weinstraße. The wine thing is practical, of course. Because after studying medicine in Heidelberg, today’s blogger took a completely different path: she followed her true passion – that for aesthetics and taste. Today, the passionate wine lover (with WSET qualification level 2) is a recipe developer, content creator, photographer and stylist for food & product. On her blog she presents creative, seasonal recipes as well as other epicurean topics like travel, wine, interior design. And always shares valuable photography tips and stylish DIY ideas.