Fair cocoa

From Bean to Tin

Fair cocoa – Bean to Tin

Bean-to-Tin chocolate means that everything from the bean to the bar has been processed by the chocolatier himself, which usually tastes excellent. We at Becks cocoa™ are not chocolate manufacturers and also rely on intermediate stations for cocoa production. But we can guarantee one thing: Our cocoa is fair “from bean to bin” – from the bean to the environmentally friendly tin.

By fairness, we mean genuine social responsibility and respect for people as well as for nature, which provides us with the ingredients for our cocoas in the first place. Of course, not only at the origin but along the entire supply chain and also here “back home” – at our factory in Stephanskirchen, Bavaria.

100 percent organic cultivation and climate-friendly processing

Of course, respect for nature and the people who make it usable for us requires the organic cultivation of all ingredients. Only in this way can we ensure that the soil at the source is not depleted, biodiversity is preserved and the farmers are not exposed to unnecessary health risks during cultivation and harvesting.

Harvesting, fermentation and sun-drying – it’s all manual labour and involves very little CO2 emissions. In another blog post, we explain the individual steps in more detail and how cocoa powder is made from cocoa beans. You can read it here.

100 per cent fair trade of all ingredients

We source the majority of cocoa beans for Becks cocoa™ premium spiced cocoas in fair trade from the Dominican Republic and in Africa from Ghana and Ivory Coast. Here, they are the best cocoa beans of the robust Forastero variety.

Our “Criollo” contains genuine Criollo cocoa from Peru. From time to time, our assortment includes “Especials”, which are single-origin cocoas from a specific region of origin. At the moment, these are Especial No. 4 from the Dominican Republic and Especial No. 5 from Tanzania.

We source vanilla from Madagascar. Our raw cane sugar comes from Brazil or Paraquay. There, our trader buys directly and without other middlemen from cooperatives with which we have long-standing and trusting partnerships. Technical knowledge and know-how are transferred in the process.

15,000 Euros Fairtrade Premium for fair cocoa per year

Fairtrade not only ensures fair working and production conditions. The smallholders also receive a financial supplement, the Fairtrade Premium, which is paid directly to the cooperatives or smallholders and then flows into charitable projects, for example to improve health care, water quality or school education. We at Becks cocoa™ pay out around 15,000 euros Fairtrade Premium per year.

Fairest possible transport routes

Cocoa does not come directly to our factory. Since there are only a few companies that process cocoa beans into powder, our most important raw material must first be transported by ship, usually to France. Then it is delivered to us by lorry.

Unfortunately, we don’t know how much CO2 we emit in the process and so far we have little influence. We pay all the more attention to environmental compatibility wherever we can exert an influence.

Fair packaging: recyclable cans from the region

100 percent recyclability and regional production – these were the criteria we wanted for the packaging of Becks Cocoa™. In fact, we were certainly lucky when we finally found a producer who produces uncoated tinplate cans only 35 kilometres away from our plant in Stephanskirchen.

Of course, the paper band has to be removed and disposed of separately from the can. Even better: the Becks cocoa™ can has such a beautiful and, thanks to the airtight closure, practical design that it can be recycled in so many ways.

As gift packaging for sweet greetings from your own kitchen, for example, as we present in this article. Or as a small herb pot, a stite holder and much more, as blogger Lena shows here.

Of course, we also think fair for our employees in Stephanskirchen. In the end, you will have a fair cocoa at home that not only tastes exceptionally good and, thanks to the variety in the assortment, inspires you to always find new taste experiences. You can also really enjoy it carefree!