Is cocoa the new coffee?

Five reasons why you should drink cocoa more often

At Becks cocoa™, the passion for cocoa is unbroken. Our boundless enthusiasm for the dark bean has many reasons.

Here are the top 5:

1. cocoa has a stimulating and energising effect.
The cocoa bean contains theobromine, which is a stimulating substance that stimulates the nervous system and dilates the blood vessels. It has a similar effect to caffeine, but more steady and lasting. Whether in the morning to start the day gently or for an energy kick in between – cocoa is always a suitable choice.

2. cocoa has a calming and nourishing effect
Does coffee quickly throw you off balance? Cocoa is often perceived as more pleasant and milder – for good reason. Theobromine not only has a stimulating effect, but also a mood-lifting and calming one. Just as the Mayans and Aztecs did back then, you too can prepare your favourite cocoa and find a few minutes of silence while drinking it, consciously noticing and enjoying the taste and scent. #michelig

3. cocoa is not a drink, but a foodstuff

Cocoa is a natural product that contains a lot of nutrients such as magnesium, zinc, iron and a high content of antioxidants. And the best thing is that the tart bean can be integrated into everyday life as a food in many ways. Whether as a superfood smoothie (link to the Superfood Smoothie recipe), as that certain something in savoury dishes or for the classic tiramisu (link to the recipe) – everyone gets their money’s worth here.

4. Cocoa makes you happy
We all know it – whether as a soul-soother in the dark season or after a stressful day – cocoa has a calming effect and signals to us: you are ok! The reason for this? Cocoa affects our serotonin balance, i.e. our happiness hormones and our ability to relax. The majority of Germans are apparently aware of this – because the per capita consumption of cocoa and chocolate in Germany is about 10 kg per year, according to this study. #welikecocoa

5. the right cocoa for every situation in life: find the cocoa that suits you best
Lavender cocoa “As I went out walking” for a long walk with many thoughts, T.E. Lawrence mocha to wake up tired spirits with the extra caffeine and to sniff the Far Eastern morning air, the Michel for the full chocolate pleasure or Frappé White Wedding as a cooling white coconut refreshment in summer – at Becks cocoa™ there are cocoas for all situations in life and mood.

Treat yourself to your very own moment of happiness. In the morning, at lunchtime, in the evening – whenever you want and let us share it with you!