Cocoa mocktails – Becks cocoa winter special:

MockMockMock on heavens door (part 2) – Bar free for Cocoa – this winter’s ingredient!

Yes, we celebrate life to the fullest, with full flavour and lots of enjoyment! That’s why we currently prefer to drink cocktails in a very contemporary way: without alcohol. Well, yes, not always, but often.

Because the good thing about mocktails is – you can always drink them: morning, noon, night! Before dinner, after dinner, as breakfast, in bed, as dessert, as a snack, with work colleagues, business partners, with friends, guests, at barbecues, at parties, on a first date, just like that, alone. Exactly, and even the kids can sip it!

The great thing about mocktails, on the other hand, is the infinite cosmos of taste, the variety of flavours and pleasures of the palate, the fun of experimenting: sometimes sparkling fresh and light, sometimes spicy-malty, sometimes fruity, sometimes aromatically full and round, sometimes milky-creamy-blissful – depending on the time of day, the temperature and your mood!

And we in particular add the chocolaty cocoa flavour on top and thus new depth to your winter drink: 20 different Becks cocoa organic cocoa varieties with orange, vanilla, cinnamon, lavender and many more exciting varieties invite you to try them. Plus our chais and frappés and cocoa nut creams. Clear the bar: for the cocoa in the mocktail glass!

Let’s get started!
And we promise: you’ll start the next day with a clear head and a good feeling in your body.



Put three glasses of apple/pear juice mixture in a pot with two cinnamon sticks, some thinly sliced ginger root, a few squirts of freshly squeezed organic lemon juice and some apple or pear syrup (depending on taste and desired sweetness). Bring everything to the boil, then cover and leave to infuse for about a quarter of an hour. Then remove the spices (strain through a sieve or kitchen towel). Now add an apple and a pear, cut into cubes or slices, and boil the liquid a second time. The fruits should be blanched but still have bite. After it has cooled down again, put your mock punch in the fridge for about two hours. When it’s nice and cold, take it out, pour the fruit and punch into glasses and add some of our SINNERMAN FORTE cinnamon cocoa powder. If you like it sweeter and with a more intense ginger flavour, add a little of our ginger cocoa DSCHINDSCHA. Chin-chin!


In autumn, the new orange harvest arrives on the table! Time for our Orange Cube Mocktail. The day before, freeze freshly squeezed orange juice from three oranges in ice cube form. Once the orange cubes are frozen solid the next evening, you’re ready to go: stir two teaspoons of Becks cocoa A CHOCKWORK ORANGE cocoa into a glass of iced coconut drink. Pour a handful of orange ice cubes into a highball glass and pour the cocoa-coconut drink mixture over it. Finally, garnish your drink with a sprig of fresh mint.


Mix naturally cloudy organic apple juice with the same amount of water and pour into a carafe. Add freshly squeezed organic lemon juice and some mild maple syrup and stir carefully. Decorate the rim of your champagne glasses with apple slices drizzled with lemon juice and rolled in our DSCHINDSCHA Ginger Cocoa (if you like, you can also dip the rim of the glass first in lemon juice and then in cocoa powder), pour in the mocktail and slide in a thin slice of ginger root before serving.

TIP: You can also drink our MAPLE APPLE warm!


For this cocktail, which is actually a dessert, add two teaspoons of BecksCocoa BEFORE NINE MINZ-KAKAO to a glass of oat and plant drink. Now add two scoops of organic stracciatella ice cream and sprinkle with fresh mint leaves. If you like it really sinful: whipped cream on top!



For the famous butterbeer that Harry Potter drinks in the even more famous Sorcerer’s Apprentice books by Joanne K. Rowling, you can find quite a few recipes on the web. We have created a very fine version for you with our cocoas, which not only children will enjoy: You with half a litre of milk and a glass of cream. Then put a tablespoon of butter, cinnamon, grated ginger, some orange zest, a vanilla pod and vanilla sugar in a pot and bring everything to the boil with the milk-cream-cocoa mixture. Remove the pan from the heat and let it cool to 80 degrees. Now stir in three tablespoons of NUDE fine cocoa (our SINNERMAN, A CHOCKWORK ORANGE and DSCHINDSCHA can be used as variations). Then pour in half a litre of good malt beer and let your butterbeer warm up again on the cooker. Before serving, add a dollop of cream and sprinkle with cocoa powder. The whole thing looks beautiful in small (glass) mugs.


Pour one shot glass of whipped cream, one shot glass of cold black tea, one fresh egg yolk (please make sure you have a freshly laid organic egg available!), one teaspoon of agave syrup with a handful of ice cubes into a shaker and shake firmly. Pour crushed ice into a highball glass (long drink glass) or a tea glass, pour the drink over it and sprinkle with some Becks cocoa THE FUDGE. Enjoy immediately!



For our cocoa sorbet, bring four tablespoons of Becks cocoa ESPECIAL No 5, two glasses of water, half a glass of maple syrup (or agave syrup) and a pinch of salt to the boil and then cool. Pour the liquid into a bowl and put it in the freezer. Remember to stir regularly! Once your sorbet is frozen, pour one scoop per drink into a champagne glass and top with non-alcoholic champagne, prosecco or cremant. Now add a sprig of rosemary to the glass and enjoy. Best served in a festive atmosphere – for example on New Year’s Eve!



First, stir two teaspoons of Becks cocoa FRAPPÉ NUDE into a glass of ice-cold almond plant drink. Then add two scoops of organic raspberry sorbet and sprinkle with a handful of frozen red berries – ready to enjoy!
(Pssst! Now let’s digress a little at the end! Because if you or your guest simply want some alcohol in the drink: just add a shot of raspberry liqueur or Cointreau! MMMmmmhhh …)

As it starts to get lighter and warmer outside after the cold, grey days of winter, check out our post Mocktails – Part I for delicious, fresh and invigorating spring and summer recipes!