Chickpeas & Cocoa

Everyone’s talking about pulses: read here what you can conjure up from our especial No 3 and chickpeas!

They are mild, slightly nutty and nourishing. “Chickpeas are the new cauliflower,” writes the US organic supermarket chain Whole Foods 2022 in its trend report. Yes, falafel, curry, hummus, chickpeas are on everyone’s lips not only in India, Mexico or North Africa. In our big cities, hummus restaurants have been part of the street scene for a while. The gluten-free pulses are appearing more and more often on the shelves and on the table in the form of pasta, flour, snacks and meat substitutes. No wonder, since they are considered superfoods: they contain lots of vegetable proteins (protein), iron, vitamin B, calcium and amino acids. We are real chickpea fans and today we are combining this valuable crop with a superfood from our company: the rare and delicious single origin fine flavoured cocoa especial no 3 from Vietnam.

Sweet: Chocolate hummus for breakfast

Our first stop is sweet. To the cooked chickpeas* we add fine dates (e.g. Medjool), almonds, maple syrup, bourbon vanilla, some vegetable milk and very important: Becks cocoaTM especial no 3. Mix the ingredients according to taste and desired consistency. If you like, add a pinch of cinnamon. Mix the ingredients in a blender to a fine paste. The chocolate puree goes best with fresh fruit, crackers, Sunday rolls, pancakes, pancakes or our chocolate bread. What do you eat it with? Do you have any other ideas?

HERE you can read all about our precious single origin fine flavoured cocoa especial no 3 from Vietnam.

Venus chickpea, field pea, chickpea

The ancient useful plant Cicer arietinum has many names. Chickpea, true chickpea, Roman chickpea, Venus chickpea, field pea. It does not have much to do with the garden pea. Both are butterfly plants from the large legume family. The plants are not closely related.

Chickpeas are mainly grown in the subtropics. The largest producers worldwide are India and Turkey. In recent years, more and more farmers in this country, especially organic farmers, have turned to this valuable legume. For several reasons: For example, climate change and the changing eating habits of the population are making farmers look for new ways. Many people want to know where their food comes from and eat as much as possible from their immediate surroundings. At the same time, after the restrictions of the last few years, there is a great longing for faraway and exotic places. The Zukunftsinstitut in Frankfurt am Main calls this trend “local exotics”. The chickpea grown by the farmer around the corner serves both.

HERE you can read all about our superfood cocoa and how healthy it is.

Spicy: chickpea hummus with cocoa

The boys cook and bake have developed a spicy hummus variant with cocoa for us. The two passionate bloggers and chefs love to eat Becks cocoa hummus with fresh bread for dipping. To drink, they both serve an aromatic Gewürztraminer with it. Yummy! Cheers!

*NOTE: Please note: Raw chickpeas contain the indigestible toxin phasin. Therefore, the pulses should only be eaten well cooked. This substance decomposes during cooking. Dried chickpeas should be soaked in fresh water for at least 12 hours or overnight. Be sure to pour away the soaking water (including the chickpeas floating on top) and rinse the pulses well before cooking. Cooking time after soaking: approx. 2 hours.

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Foto: Deryn Macey

Foto: American Heritage Chocolate

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