Discover the Cocoa Ceremony

An experience that spreads happiness: a celebration of cocoa!

 It’s a proven fact: cocoa is a tonic that fortifies you with antioxidants, flavonoids, magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc and vitamins. We elaborated on this before. To find out more go to this previous blog post. The health effects of cocoa were known long ago to the Aztecs, Inca, Maya and Olmecs: In their days cacao beans were currency just as popular as gold, and the earthy acerbic drink was served only during special rituals, the  privilege of a few initiated. Nowadays the celebration of cocoa is open to everyone and helps to keep us centred, connected to our hearts and in in harmony with our selves.

How does it work?

Time and the right cocoa are the simple things required for the ceremony. Make sure you use only unblended, organically farmed fair-trade cocoa such as our Criollo . This variety is a popular choice for spice cocoas and considered a delicacy. Criollo plantations account for less than 5% of worldwide production. The plant is less resistant to disease, but the fruit is superior in aroma, chocolate aromas and complexity.

It is important you find out how to best fit the ceremony into your daily routine. For some it might work best early in the morning to embrace the new day, others may prefer an evening ceremony to wind down after work. You can do it on your own or gather with loved ones. To get into the right state of mind some eat a vegan meal and restrict themselves to water for several hours. To prepare your Criollo use warm oat milk and add spices such as cayenne pepper (chili), vanilla, cinnamon and a bit of coconut sugar for sweetness. Feel free to play around with the spices and find the mix that is right for you.

What is important while you drink your Criollo and in the aftermath is to feel for your inner peace and to let go of your thoughts. Be playful and creative – or choose something that’s on your mind and focus on this one thing. Breathing exercises and meditations enhance the cocoa’s effect. Feelings, thoughts, desires, worries and hopes are free to come and go – just be open and don’t weigh them up. Some people feel warmth and happiness rise while others find peace in pleasant silence. Sometimes a thought may cross your mind – a helpful idea or insight for your development or the (next) day. Let it enter your mind and see what happens.

If you prefer a scientific approach, you should look at the small substance doses that support you in the ceremony: Similar to caffeine, theobromine makes you feel awake and alert. Tryptophan is an amino acid that is converted to serotonin, a neurotransmitter that promotes a positive sentiment and is widely known as the ‘happiness hormone’. And finally, there’s anandamide, another  substance that gives your spirits a boost. Most of the substances are fairly short-lived, which is why 15 or 30 minutes can be enough to enrich your mind.

Have you had a chance to try out the cocoa ceremony? Are you about to take part first time? What was your experience? Share your thoughts with other community members!