Becks cocoa at the Chocoversum

Where else is our criollo cocoa better off?
Becks cocoa™ at the Hamburg Chocolate Museum

Come along on your cocoa-chocolate journey of discovery!

The pleasure journey begins at a 1.43-meter-high chocolate fountain, at the so-called “Chocoholic Checkpoint. Here, you dip a sweet wafer into the liquid-smooth chocolate that is constantly pouring out of the fountain – the first cocoa-chocolate delicacy of the day! Because today we are in Hamburg’s old town at the Chilehaus, in the middle of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Kontorhausviertel and Speicherstadt: in the middle of the chocolate museum Chocoversum. On 1,200 square meters of exhibition space, you will learn everything there is to know about cocoa beans and chocolate during an eventful and varied 90-minute guided tour through various stations: from cultivation to all stages of production to the perfect bar of chocolate. Sometimes you’ll be in the rainforest, where the cocoa for your chocolate is grown, then in the harbor, where most of the cocoa beans come into the country, then you’ll find yourself in the chocolate factory. As a highlight, you will – presumably fulfilled and happy – lend a hand yourself in the chocolate workshop of the Chocoversum: Here, every visitor can create his or her own bar of chocolate. In this way, you can take your very own piece of happiness (= chocolate) home with you at the end of the day!

“We gladly recommend the Criollo from Becks cocoa to all our chocoholics in the store who want to decide for themselves how sweet or tart their drinking chocolate can be. The Criollo consists of pure cocoa pleasure and can be individually sweetened – ideal for all tastes and fair! We are convinced.”

(Ella Domaschkin, Marketing Chocoversum about the Becks cocoa™ fine flavoured cocoa)

Exciting figures & cocoa facts: This is the Chocoversum

The Chocoversum wants to show “Hamburg’s chocolate side”. And how and that chocolate really does make people happy. It’s not for nothing that Germans consume an average of over 120 bars a year. And around 200,000 visitors find their way to the chocolate museum every year. In total, more than one million guests have already experienced Hamburg’s chocolate side, the Chocoversum.

The Chocolate Museum opened its doors for the first time in December 2011. On 1,200 square meters of exhibition space, it shows you the world of chocolate from cultivation through all stages of production to the perfect bar. 13 office staff and around 60 employees work in visitor services. In 2016, the Chocoversum celebrated its 500,000 visitor and also its reopening: the exhibition was completely revised and rebuilt once. In 2017, 204,000 visitors came to Meßberg 1, a ten-minute walk from the main train station, and in 2019 the number was around 200,000. Chocolate consumption at the Chocoversum is around 32 tons per year.


24/7 for all those with a sweet tooth: The chocolate store is always open!

The Chocoversum Shop is open seven days a week, including Sundays and public holidays. It can be visited independently of the museum. You will find over 800 different products from more than 50 suppliers. The suppliers are carefully selected. In addition to major quality brands, you will also find local products such as those from Hamburg’s Confiserie Paulsen or innovative products from Schokovida, Love Cocoa and chocoMe or the fine cocoas from Becks cocoaTM. The assortment ranges from confectionery pralinés and Danish spiced chocolates to Becks cocoaTM fine cocoas and other specialties such as chocolate pasta, cocoa pesto, chocolate beer or cocoa-based barbecue sauces. By the way, around 200 products can be ordered in the online store, including, how could it be otherwise, our absolute classic, the Becks cocoaTM Criollo!

“We like to support medium-sized companies like Beck cocoa that come up with great and fair products, rounding out the shopping experience with us.” 

(Hanna Holst, store management Chocoversum)

Info about the Chocoversum:

Meßberg 1, 20095 Hamburg

Subway: U1, stop: Meßberg, exit Meßberg.

Barrier-free access: Metrobus: 6 and 4, Brandstwiete stop.
The Chocoversum was certified in 2016 by Hamburg Tourism as “partially barrier-free for people with walking and visual impairments”. Exhibition and service areas are wheelchair accessible.

Phone: 040- 41 91 23 00

Our Criollo in the Chocoversum: