The Becks Cocoa Philosophy

Organic quality. Fairly traded. Simply: cocoa enjoyment in every respect.

In the beginning there was the bean.  The passion for excellent cocoa. And the aspiration to create an extravagant drink for connoisseurs. Today, we at Becks Cocoa™ combine

combine the passion for the bean with the experience, sales strength and know-how of a manufacturing company in Stephanskirchen. At the same time, it is important to us to preserve the values of the brand.

The most important part of our self-image is the focus on organic and fair trade raw materials. And the responsibility towards the local producers. Because the cocoa farmers who work with Becks Cocoa™

should also be able to live off the fruits of their success. This only works if they can sell the yields from their cocoa harvest at fair prices. We therefore focus on the so-called handshake in direct and fair trade as well as on resource-conserving and transparent production.

With success:

The fine cocoas and sugar in all Becks Cocoa™ products are already organically grown and fairly traded. All other ingredients are “all natural,” i.e. processed without additives, and – wherever possible – in organic quality. “Real cocoa enjoyment can only happen when the joy of a great product is shared by everyone. By our customers, our employees and retailers, of course. But also by our cocoa farmers, who create the basis for our cocoa specialties in the first place by growing, caring for and harvesting them.


With a few exceptions, all of our products are Fairtrade.