Baking book author Belinda the Baker: I bake with Beck’s cocoa Edelkakaos!

Interview: 3 questions for blogger, influencer and photographer Belinda Hausner aka Belinda the Baker

Belinda Hausner is a Belindathebaker. The passionate cake baker has developed three recipes with our cocoas for Becks cocoa so far: wintry baked apples with delicious chocolate cheesecake filling (and our spiced cocoa Hot Winter), a fine multi-tiered cheesecake cake (and our caramel cocoa The Fudge) and delicious chocolate Easter cookies (with our family cocoa Michel). By the way, you can find all the recipes in our magazine and easily make your own!

In her café and barbershop Die Locke – Schnitt und Schnatterei, Belinda has been serving Becks cocoa Kakaos for years. What drives the mother of three, hairdresser, blogger, photographer, food stylist and influencer? What she appreciates about our fine cocoas? We talked to her.

Becks cocoa: couch concerts, delicious breakfast, feel-good atmosphere, care for skin and hair, the perfect haircut – in the rooms of your store Die Locke – Schnitt und Schnatterei in the Bavarian town of Pressath, you implement a unique concept of hair salon, café and personal contact. You spoil your guests with selected breakfast and brunch offers. And you don’t just serve fine tea and good coffee. In your café, you also serve the fine cocoa from Becks Kakao! What do your guests say about Becks Kakao, what do they appreciate and love about Becks Kakao?

The cocoas from Becks cocoa are very popular. Especially the varieties The Fudge with caramel and Amydala with marzipan are in great demand, along with the gastro classic Massive. The wonderful aroma and creamy taste make each cocoa unmistakable; I’m not going out on a limb when I say unforgettable. How good it feels to hold the beautiful colorful Becks cocoa cups in your hands and take a sip of the delicious drinking chocolate is shown to us again and again by the satisfied expression on the faces of our guests. They trust us and are happy to try a different variety if we recommend it to them. We also like to do this in the barbershop when we offer drinks to our customers. A cup of drinking chocolate may not be typical for a hair salon visit, but we’re just anything but typical. If someone asks me, my advice is White Wedding. It’s my personal favorite. I also like it with a shot of Baileys.

Oh, before I forget … The Becks cocoa cocoa ends up with us not only in the cup, but also in our chocolate porridge. After all, it’s supposed to be particularly delicious.

With the Becks cocoa family and children’s cocoa MICHEL, you developed the recipe for the chocolate Easter bunny cookies for us. Could you please describe the Becks cocoa Michel that you used for the recipe? How does it taste, what’s special about it, who drinks it at your café …?

My children are always a true barometer of taste for me. And in fact, all three of my girls prefer to drink Becks cocoa Michel. That’s why we always use it in the café for our little guests. The “rummel” around the little ones’ mouths says more than a thousand words here. (Belinda laughs!) – (By the way, the “Rammel” is the cocoa-brown chocolate snout around the children’s mouth after the meal. Parents, aunts, uncles, grandmas and grandpas know it very well! Editor’s note) Honestly, I have to admit that I haven’t tried it as drinking chocolate myself yet. For baking – both privately and in my book – I prefer to use Michel, as its full, round, sweet taste is just right for all chocolatey-sweet temptations.

What do you appreciate about the cocoa makers Becks cocoa from Stephanskirchen, Bavaria?

At the Intergastra trade fair 2020, I was able to meet the makers of Becks cocoa in person at their booth and have a brief exchange with them. What can I say? A likeable team that definitely knows what it’s doing and what it wants. Their passion for the cocoa bean and what delicious creations they conjure up from it is unique. The handwriting of the manufactory is unmistakable in every product. And in the end, that’s what counts for all of us: the taste! If the products hadn’t convinced me before, I would have been at the latest after this short visit to the booth.

The blogger, photographer and influencer Belinda introduces herself:

“My name is Belinda and I am: Mom to three wonderful girls, wife and team partner, hair stylist and passionate café owner, detail-oriented food photographer, experimental recipe developer, creative food stylist, and now two-time book author.

For all those who now think how to do so much: Just do it. No matter what comes out of it. Do it like me: with devotion and love, with laughter and tears, or with joy and anger. The main thing is to have fun. Even for me, things sometimes go wrong or I get lost in the (baking) chaos. We are all people full of emotions who can do anything. If you want it. With my blog I would like to show you all how beautiful it is to be completely yourself.”